17 January 2010

This just in...

I've decided to like my body. Yay! Now, how to put this decision into everyday practice.

On an only marginally-related note: has anyone else noticed that many people no longer distinguish between "everyday" and "every day"? Makes me sad.

I must admit, I've never liked my body. Really, who does? I've heard a myth that men like their bodies, but none of them I know well don't have something about their physical appearance that bothers them. So, I don't believe it. I know very few people who will honestly say they like their bodies. That makes me mad! It's not like we get another one. . .

But! If I want to be a good mom to the kids we'll have sometime, I cannot allow myself to rail against my own body. It'll screw them up. They're too important to screw up that way.
And, honestly, everyone screws up their kids somehow. I'd rather it be something more unique. Screwing up their body image is so passe.
[okay, you can't use accents on this blog. or. . . I don't know how.]

For now, I'll leave you with The Miracles Club [the link's in the title]. love.

1 comment:

  1. FIrst of all, excellent title. And second of all, you're totally right to call us all to not want to screw up children with all these downer thoughts about our body. Perhaps that's what is wrong with the world today... On a related note: my favorite body part is my gimpy thumb. It's the one on the left. Or wait... Maybe it's my squishy nose! Yep. That's it. The squishy nose wins!