23 March 2010

[Psst, I need to tell you something]

God speaks to me. And let me tell you something else (that you may know already, or at least have a sneaking suspicion): God speaks to you as well. I'm not special.

But I cannot hold it in, that God wants, yearns for His kiddos to hear Him in His wholeness. He loves to speak through His logos, His beautiful Word. But He also loves to speak His rhema, His timely utterance. And I don't have the time or space or even fullness of understanding to explain it all.


God speaks to me. He tells me beautiful things and hard things and all of it is good. Sometimes He tells me things for other people and that is good, too. I haven't heard or seen anything crazy like some people have, but that doesn't mean the Lord isn't blessed by my hearing Him and obeying in spite of the risk it takes to see if what I heard really was from the Lord. I've said some stuff that sounds really dumb and weird but was just what the other person needed to hear. It's SUCH a good feeling. I haven't been 100% right, and that's fine. I'm just excited He talks to me at all. I certainly talk enough for the both of us. I just think maybe He has more worth saying. ;)

The link in the title is to a man's website whom I respect as someone who came from a background similar to mine and has come to embrace whatever the Holy Spirit wants to do to bring him and others to Jesus. I want to be like him because he's a lot more like Jesus than I currently am. :)

The one thing I want to caution you (though it's probably more for myself) is that, when we're learning to hear God's voice, it's very important that we keep our consciences alert: not sin. It has been my personal experience that it's hard to hear from God if one is distancing oneself from Him through disobedience. Enfin, all is love. He makes all things new.

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