19 May 2010

Look, I'm Sorry But

seriously. We need to talk. Every time I listen to Christian radio, I get upset. For several reasons, if I leave it on long enough to listen to several songs.

Reason 1: I'm so bored. and slightly annoyed at the noises coming in my ear. This is not fully their fault, as I'm a weirdo with music.

Reason 2: Several songs don't actually sound like the person singing genuinely relies on God. A lot od christian songs sound like a person reminding themselves of things in the Bible over and over again... which is fine. BUT. That isn't a relationship with God. It's a relationship with the Bible. which is not the best that God is offering to us: the fullness of relationship with the constancy of God's character as laid out in the Bible. I know that sounds snotty, and to some it may sound... heretical or something. but really. I'm not interested in just reading and trying to change my life by remembering things. I'm not that inherently good... or something. diligent. well-meaning. disciplined. take your pick. I need moment-to-moment saving by a living God, who uses allllll sorts of different ways to redeem my time here, including reminding me of His Word in a timely manner or bringing me to the passage that I need to be refreshed. Blahblahblah honestly to me it comes down to I can tell after one chorus that I don't want this person's faith, and I'm not sure s/he knows that there's more than that.

Reason 3: There are frequently basically cover songs. I heard two back-to-back. I don't understand why this is so frequent in christian music, other than a lack of new material. which is completely bizarre to me. It's JESUS we're singing to and about! That's like saying there's nothing new or dynamic about my marriage, but even worse! I'm not sure if it's vanity that causes people to think they want to redo a song; I'm tending to think not, since the people involved are christians. Perhaps they're thinking that the song hasn't been heard enough? Which is not tru in the case of either song I heard. In fact, both have already been played to death. and both of the songs pretty much neutered the songs, making them sound like pretty songs with smooth harmonies and everything sounding... tranquil. I don't get it. Singing of the holiness of God, of His power and beauty and how we'll be with Him forever and see Him as He is. I don't get it.

Reason 4: I'm just so bored. Musically and lyrically. Everything was structured either the same or missing a bridge or tag. so bored. and several of the songs were not mixed well. Nothing was really raw or fully honest. I know songs are written for other people, but as worshipers, don't we want to usher people into the presence of God? If so, shouldn't we be ushering them in honesty? Should we be hiding things from the Lord, cooling our hearts, simply because we are int eh presenc of other humans? I mean... it won't be like that in Heaven. so. sooner or later, we're going to be emotionally naked in front of one another. Why hide now? Freedom is waiting; it's not just waiting, but hungry people are silently clamoring for it. FREEDOM! It's not found in hiding from the light that exposes and unshackles. Let's do this, brothers and sisters.

Not that I'm an awesome songwriter. I'm really not. I'm working on it. But I'm also not looking to put my songs in the ears of christians and prechristians everywhere. and I hate being bored.


  1. So you're problem is really with main-stream Christian music, not necessarily the radio. I don't think it should be a surprise that mainstream anything is lacking originality and taste.

    Song choice aside, I really like KSBJ over the Dallas version KLTY, which has more commercial time than songs!

    But anyways, I know what you mean. It makes me shudder to think that unbelievers who are surfing the radio might take that away as Christianity.

  2. Staying songs have depth and breadth and come from a heart that's truly seen God. I want to be singing a song to Zuzu and sit back and realize that it is true and good and resonates with the Spirit in me. Since I can't carry a tune, the lyrics had better be good or we aren't going to get much out of it!

  3. My parents did not allow me to listen to secular music until I was in middle school. This led to listening to christian radio stations for the bulk of my childhood. I have a few beefs with mainstream christianity - in which christian radio falls.

    The other day, Kyle & I met with someone that christian radio played a HUGE role in them coming to Christ. Which made me feel slightly guilty for having such judgmental thoughts about something that is reaching some people, at least. So I've tried to give it more of a shot recently. However - I was listening to it the other day and some woman was singing a cover of "God Blessed The Broken Road," by Rascall Flatts. (The pop-pseudo-country band.) and changed a sentence or two to make it about God rather than a woman.

    This irked me to no end, and I was right back where I started.