24 May 2010


So, I'm in the throes of a baby craze. that's lasted about 2 years. which is fine. at least by me.
But I'm taking advantage of this time of waiting to make some home-made stuff for our future BABIES!!!! ...ahem.
I've decided to start with bibs and burp rags because, honestly, you need at least a dozen of those, and they don't need to look perfect because they'll be covered in gunk.

Step one is to steal (or take with permission) my mother's old sewing machine.
Step two is to put it in our back room now that there's (theoretically) space for it.
Step three is to buy the fabric (which may become step one, as that's clearly the most fun of all of these steps).
Step four is to sew one of each of the patterns I've found and figure out which I like best.
Step five is to find a baby to try them on and see if they fit okay.
Step six is to sew a dozen or so of the favs.
Step seven is to find a place to put them until the appointed time.

Mkay, one step at a time. :D [BABIES! WHEEEEE!]


  1. I'm making 3 reproduction 30s print quilts for our kids. I started them years ago, but have been stalled since Zuzu was born. Way to get ahead! I volunteer Zuzu to model for you. I also have a great children's clothing book if you want more ideas. ~Elaine

  2. Awesome, Elaine!
    UPDATE: step 3 complete. :)
    step 1 in the works.

  3. Try them on Addie..she would "test them out" for sure! haha..I don't know how to sow but I made scrap pages for Addie before she was born and added pictures latter. Maybe you can make Addie some scrap pages and I can make your baby a scrap book!