21 July 2010


Hello all!
We finally got a new battery charger for our phone, so I can update on what I've been sewing! Now, clearly I'm a beginner, so don't laugh at how the stitching is all crazy. I'll start out with bibs since those were the first things I made. I don't really understand why one wouldn't make their own bibs. I used fabric I bought, which was silly, because old t-shirts and an old terrycloth towel are perfect for bib-making. And they clearly don't need to look nice because their whole purpose is to be thrown up on. Just sayin'.
I used two different patterns, one from Chickpea Sewing Studio and one from Nested. I think they turned out okay:

I've given a couple away as gifts to unwitting new parents, muahaha. Hopefully they don't fall apart immediately! I'm sort of in a dilemma because of the neck size. I know bibs are really important for bottle-fed babies, but we plan on breastfeeding for the first year. So... are bibs necessary during that time? I dunno. Whatever.
The link in the post is to a friends' blog who got me started with a bunch of helpful free patterns! Yay freeeeee! Love.


  1. These are so cute! The ones in the store are so tiny. My favorite bibs have long velcro on the wrap around bit so that it's fully adjustable.

    We didn't use bibs at all until Zuzu started eating solid food at about 7 months. Once she started eating purees, bibs were a necessity!

  2. We didn't use bibs much when Jude was just breastfeeding but we used them more once he started solids and now we use them all the time! So infant sized bibs may not be necessary at all... But burp rags most certainly are!! Cute bibs and good job!

  3. if your baby spits up as much as Addie does (I pray it doesn't) you will probably use bibs even if you only breastfeed.-Esther