23 July 2010

First "Onesie"

I put onesie in quotes a) because I think that's a stupid word, and b) because my attempt turned out... quotational. Here it is:

So you see how weird the legs are. It's because I decided I'd use the ribbing on the neck of my t-shirt to wrap around the leg holes. and... It didn't work out quite as I'd planned. But I made the pattern by taking apart the onesie featured in the link above. I think I may not do this again, a) because I think people will give us plenty of onesies, and b) because it was kind of annoying to make. Part of me feels like a bad mom for saying that (and I'm not even a full mom yet!), but ya know what? Our baby will be a baby. S/he won't care what s/he's wearing as long as s/he's comfy. So there, unwarranted sense of guilt/shame.
Below is a picture of the "onesie" with some little pants I made that I'll talk about tomorrow. Love!

1 comment:

  1. if you make any more, consider making the kind that button down the front, or along a shoulder. i've heard these kinds of onsies are the most convenient, since babies don't like getting their head pushed through the small opening of the neck. it reminds them of a recent trauma.