22 July 2010

It's Burpin' Time!

So after doing a half dozen bibs, I was bored. and had realized I won't be using those immediately, but burp rags will be a constant, starting pretty quickly in February... So I made some burp rags! This website gave me a general idea, so I made a pattern on paper and cut out some fabric and stuck it with some fusible interfacing stuff, and that's my pattern now. Of course I don't have pictures of this process, but I promise there are better examples of how to do that on the internets anyhow. But I've made a few:

For the one above, I took my little pattern guy and made a little slanty pattern from paper. Then I added a 1/8" seam on each side. I don't know if that's actually how you do that, but it turned out well enough for me to keep doing it. :) I love making burp rags because you can go from start - cutting the fabric - to finished product in between 30 and 45 minutes, even for a beginner like me. And they don't have to have perfect stitching because, well they're made for spit-ums. I've given a few of these away as well, and I also hope they survive for at least a while. :)
The link in the title is again to a friend's website, who has compiled a great number of free patterns and tutorials for all sorts of things, from baby stuff to bags to clothes. Love.


  1. Also, Wal-Mart has some pretty cute flannels (like those little monkeys! awww.) for not too much. I don't know if I'll keep buying fabric, since I think I can get some fine flannel at thrift stores for less, shmaybe. I'll see once we're done with our way-too-ambitious painting projects.

  2. These are cute! You will love that you can throw them over your shoulder. The narrowed middle helps keep it from shifting. And the benefit of being a beginning seamstress is that you don't know the rules to follow! Make them up as you go!

    Oh and thanks for the link. :)

  3. i have seen a few cute "receiving cloths"/burp rags that were homemade, and given at baby showers. i think you've got a good thing going by making your own bibs and burp rags, especially b/c you can make them into little matching sets. the nice ones at stores are expensive these days! are you going to try diapers?

  4. I'm kind of terrified of making diapers... But I may do it anyway. I might wait, tho, until I have the baby, so I can see what fits. Right now, I'm just making stuff, hoping it'll fit. :)