26 July 2010

Yoga (Pants) for Baby!

So, no, I'm not going to force my infant to do yoga. I don't even do yoga much, aside from cat/cow asanas. and corpse pose, natch. But! This pattern (link in title) seemed (and is) super easy. So I made pants! awww... Here they are:

So, you can see I didn't buy this fabric. I know the tutorial calls for a large t-shirt, but both t-shirts were smalls (courtesy my closet and Stephen's, which he graciously forgave me since I didn't ask, muahahaha), and they worked out okay. I did have to figure out for myself how much elastic to use, so I hope they fit. Still, I didn't close up the hole in the waistband, so I can add/subtract if necessary. and, honestly, it's elastic. We put it on babies because it's stretchy. Love!

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  1. Also, the writing on the top pair says, "KidRobot."