18 July 2010

Your Hands; Stillness

How can you define what makes a song still within you the place made for the Spirit? Some songs... immediately I feel myself reawaken to the Holy Spirit. The only other way for me to feel that stillness descend it to gaze upon something beautiful. Like the way lamplight fliters through tree leaves at night, the darkness around that cocoon of warmth. The crackle of a driftwood bonfire. The moon high over the ocean. My husband walking away to pray in that moonlight. The salt in that wind; the loneliness of those waves. The sky on fire with the dying sun. My husband asleep. The front porch on the farm at the close of a calm day. My husband walking out the door of the office to pray in the evening.
I don't know why I must be reminded to be still. I am glad it happens without my asking, at least from time to time. I'm sure it's different for everyone. I desperately want the Lord to use me to bring the stillness that comes from the recognition that the greatest Spirit around dwells within and communes. I love You, Holy Spirit. You do comfort. You do instruct. You do refresh. You do strengthen.
I am desperately in love with You, God. I am tripping over myself to get to You. Your glance makes me hear my heartbeat in my ears and feel it in my fingers. Own me, Lord. Take all of me. [I hate the word abandon because I have those sorts of issues, but] I throw myself at You; I can't help it. You're irresistable.
[The song below is from Aaron Strumpel's new album, Vespers I & II. This is the sort of song I mean. It may do nothing for you...]
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