02 August 2010


Stephen and I FINALLY finished painting the kitchen cabinets (and I mean, we started painting in February... and this was the end of July). Here they are now:

Please note the dishes neatly stacked and waiting for our only dishwasher, my long-suffering husband, to wash them. I vow to get a dishwasher before we get a baby; I also vow to do the dishes much more frequently then. :)
Also note the picture with our future formica candidates:

Stephen has his heart set on this one:

But I'm really not sure the people who buy the house after us will like it. It's very... mod. We're also planning a very cool back-splash that MAY get done by the time we move in 5 or 6 or 7 years. Maybe. If it does get done, it will look something like the link in the title. Love.

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