22 August 2010

Three Months Already?!?

My head is spinning around as you read this. Do I really only have 6 more months before I'm completely responsible for another human being (that can crawl away from me, or cry alllll the time, or pull things on top of itself, or ceaselessly need attention, not to mention can cost a lot of money we don't have)? Eek.

Okay, all you mommas out there, is it as scary as it seems? Cause, honest, I'm kinda freakin out. Especially if s/he's like me. at all. Please, Lord, give me a mini-Stephen. Please? He's so calm and obedient. Pretty pretty please?

[On a side note, I'm enjoying the second trimester, especially if it continues to get better, as far as the not-constantly-nauseated-and-exhausted feelings go.]

[on another side note, my next post will be a series of amusing pictures depicting my first attempt at sewing a wool diaper]


  1. Yep, it's as scary as it seems. Sometimes even more so. It's as exhausting, frustrating, daunting, and stressful. But it's so much greater than that too. It's fulfilling, exciting, a blessing (not an easy one though!), and full of possibility. It's a beautiful mess of things that is unlike anything else that we could experience. You will never experience such highs and such lows as you will with raising a child, but you also won't ever experience or witness such amazing growth and beauty.

    But you know what? Six months is a long time. And it's exactly the amount of time that you need to be able to prepare yourself for this life changing responsibility. There is a reason God gives us nine months to come to terms with the little lives that grow in our wombs. We need it!

  2. I can't tell you whether it's as scary as you think, but it will bring challenges you never even considered and joy you never thought possible. Just try as hard as you can to not have too many expectations of what it will be like. I know that's hard, but odds are that not all of your expectations will be met (whether good or bad). And remember, you have lots of resources around you for help (Titus 2), including a m-i-l with LOTS of experience!

  3. I already have one and I'm scared of the responsibility. How am I going to keep Zuzu out of stuff if the littlest, tiniest baby needs me? But I take comfort in knowing I'm not solely responsible for her (or Baby #2), Jason is at least 50% accountable.

    You have six months until you have a baby that costs you nothing but a hospital bill and sleep. Then six months (or so) before solid food you can make yourself for pennies. Babies can be so cheap the first year if you are able to breastfeed, cloth diaper, and make your own food!

  4. I'm so glad *somebody* asked this question! I get tired of the "aren't you excited?" all the time. Um, yes I'm excited...and terrified, lol!

    And yea, I loved the 2nd tri too once my energy finally came back.

    I'll have my own human being to be responsible for in a few weeks...so I'll let you know!

  5. Ummm... it was the scarest thing I have ever done... sorry :( But, you will be encourged once you get to know your little one. In a werid way it makes the challenges much much easier. You can do it... people with less money and experience than you have done it before. I second Cathy's advice to look to the women who have gone before you... it has been better than anything I've found online when we are going through a "crisis." And you don't have to worry about 6 months from now till 6 months from now. One huge thing I've learned already is to just not plan ahead if you don't have to... and most of the time you don't have to.