28 September 2010

To Tie or Not to Tie

I was thinking the other day, if we but bows in girl babies' hair to show that they are girls, shouldn't we have something to show that boys are boys? So I made a teeny tie.
What do you think? Dumb? Cute? Too cheesy? I'm thinking of maybe making a few as gifts to friend who are having boys, but I don't want to waste my time if everyone else thinks they're dumb. I think it's really cute. This is the prototype; I definitely learned a few things that I would not replicate in future mini-ties.

A close-up:

The backside:


  1. I think it's a cute and awesome idea as long as you can be sure the pin won't pop open and that the fabric is ok for baby to put in his mouth :)

  2. I just bought a onesie to do this! I think I may attach mine since we already know he is a boy.

    I like that you are making baby clothes... keep the ideas coming!!!

  3. If I ever have a boy, I TOTALLY want one!

  4. Ok. So after thinking about it for a few days, I DO like the idea. But I kind of want the tie to be bigger....

    I also have no experience with newborns/infants/human beings who stick everything within arms reach in their mouths.

    So maybe making it bigger wouldn't be practical....