14 October 2010

The D Word

MAN, in just perusing Yahoo this morning, there are a lot of famous people getting divorced. It just makes me so glad to have my husband. To have both my parents' and my parents in law's marriages intact. How rare is that nowadays? Crazy.

I know extreme cases happen. My husband is not me, and he really does have free will. I cannot control him if he decided he wanted to leave me and the goodness of the Lord's plans. But I do still feel so secure in our marriage. I feel secure in his love, and I know it's mainly because of his steadfastness in the Lord.
Of course there will be storms. In the world, we will have trouble. But I do have the peace that where I am, there He will be also. And with Stephen, that makes a cord of three strands, not easily broken (look, let me use it how I want to).

A friend pointed out that, in this season of my life, Stephen has been one of the greatest outlets of God's firehose of love toward me. He will find a way to love me, even when I don't want to heard directly from Him. I carry misgivings about God's love in my heart and shut Him out of certain areas; instead of shutting me right back out of His love, He sneaks behind my walls with His love in other forms. Like my incredible husband. Like amazing meetings with potential ministry supporters. Like blooming friendships and a growing homegroup. With a developing baby boy. But mostly, in my little spotted heart, with my darling, steadfast, kind, favorite-person-of-my-whole-life husband.
What a good God.


  1. "firehose of love"? there's an unfortunate metaphor if i ever heard one! :p

  2. Beautiful =-) Just beautiful.....