27 October 2010

For the Mommas Out There

* Seriously, if you're male or not excited about the ins and outs of maternity life, you are warned to not read below. :) *
Two questions:
1) Have you ever experienced a crampy type of pain right above your pubic bone when you don't get enough sleep? I'm talking about 5 hours of sleep. This has happened to me twice, and it's pretty scary, because it really hurts, but it goes away if I take a long nap. Is there anything to be done besides getting more sleep? What do you do when you have multiple children, and a 3 hour nap isn't going to happen? ...or is this just my problem?
2) How do you go about shopping for nursing bras? I've pretty much outgrown my normal ones, but I don't want to buy more regular bras if they're just gonna shrink back down. Does it make sense to buy nursing bras now? Or should I wait? I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm just kind of embarrassed about my breasts always looking like they're going to spill out of my bras.

Also, I just want to say, I really don't like doctors who listen to you talk about what's going on in your body for 20 seconds and then confidently say what is going on. Even if you're right, doc, I want to feel listened to. You may deal with pregnancy all the days of your life, but my body is doing crazy and new things to me every day. So I want to know that I've been heard and fully understood. And people who think they know everything are obnoxious. Even those who get paid a lot. Aaaand I'm done.

Also also, has anyone found a free pattern for a side-snap infant shirt? I haven't yet been successful, but people say the side snaps are so much nicer for babies and mommas. Thoughts?


  1. No to the crampy pain above the pelvic bone. I got shooting leg pains and round ligament pain. Yay fun pregnancy pain.

    Yes, buy nursing bras and tanks now (tanks are great to wear under shirts when you're nursing over in public - even if using a nursing cover, it doesn't cover your back and sides). Find them used if you can. There's a resale store here that carries gently used maternity and nursing clothing - maybe you can find one nearby or try craigslist. I lived in the seamless Bravado nursing bras and tanks which are sold at Target so you could buy them online if they're not in store and use any giftcards you may receive at showers. Make sure you don't buy anything with underwire. Underwire = mastitis. You don't want to go there. The nice thing about nursing bras is that they are design to accomodate the shrink and swell that comes along with nursings. This means, good for the pregnancy shrink and swell too. Oh! Also to consider. . I liked bravado because the whole panel snapped down instead of a cover snapping down and a hole in the under fabric. I hated trying to maneuver my nipple into a little hole to feed Jude. It just made things messier. Not to mention if you wear a fitted shirt and you can see the hole around your nipple. Not flattering. TMI maybe, but thought you might like to hear it.

    You could make a kimono wrap and use snaps instead of ties:

    But I think this is what you're looking for:

  2. Go to Target -- they have GREAT nursing tanks with great support and are super comfy!!!

  3. Thanks for your input! Totally good to know.