01 November 2010

A Cooking Aside

So for dinner tonight, I decided I'd use the sweet potato that'd been sitting on the counter begging to be eaten (as every worthy vegetable does) for about two weeks.

I was going to slice and fry it like I do regular potatoes (fried things are so great.), but my conscience (and my cheeks, which are slowly but surely becoming more and more chipmunk-y) smote me. So, like a good pregnant woman, I dipped them in egg and baked them. Best odds, anyone?

Result? Oh, right, I'm not a huge fan of sweet potatoes. Because they're quite sweet. but potato-y. Perhaps one could make it almost a dessert by adding of spices I could guess at but have no idea if they would work.

In any case, I do approve of the dipping in egg and baking, which I wasn't sure I would, since eggs are really gross. I'm wondering if even some Panko crusting would make it better, or if it would just waste my Panko. I will, at least, do it again with normal potatoes. Normal potatoes are wonderful.

No pictures, as I made steamed broccoli as well, and it must be served as quickly as it's cooked. Stephen won't eat it cold, and I hate eating it cold myself. [Django, on the other hand, will take cooked broccoli any way he can get it. Dogs are so weird.]


  1. Try them roasted with chili powder, garlic & cayanne. That's the only way I'll eat a sweet potato. The spicey balances the sweet. John just tried them today... he's a fan... or he was just really really hungry.

  2. My dad loves sweet potatoes (though he can't have them anymore because he's diabetic). What we'd do at Thanksgiving is cut one up and stick it into a casserole dish with some orange juice, brown sugar, and cinnamon. I'm sure pumpkin pie spice would be good too. He also likes it with marshmallows melted on top. Bake until sweet potato is cooked. It makes for a good dessert-type dish.
    -Jenelle V.