13 November 2010

Diaper Bag Dilemma

Okay cloth mommas,
I think the most overwhelming thing to me (at least this week, ha) is what sort of diaper bag do I need? Stephen wants one that isn't so girly that he looks stupid carrying it (and I totally don't blame him. He's awesome about holding my purse when I go to the bathroom, so I think major props go to my man), and I don't like super-girly things anyway. I don't think we can use a backpack because, apparently as both being staff, we both frequently are already wearing backpacks. My backpack isn't enormously full most of the time, but I couldn't just give Stephen my backpack when he has the baby cause it still has my wallet and keys and glasses and half a dozen other things I need with me. I also don't want to carry around a suitcase on my shoulder. I don't want to fall into the trap of filling up a bigger space with more stuff that we may not need.

That being said, I know cloth diapers (we'll be using cloth wipes as well) and the wet/dry bags will take up some space. I think the longest he'll be away from the changing table (without it being a trip) would be homegroup nights and church on Sundays. Since we live in the middle of town, it's not hard to stop by the house in between errands (which I often do because I'm disorganized and have forgotten something I need anyway).

Another thing that has blown me away is many diaper bags are SO EXPENSIVE. Or it feels that way. I don't pay $40 or $50 for a purse, or jeans, or shoes, or almost anything. If I'm gonna pay that much, I want to flipping LOVE this bag. For that price, I could get a really cute coated canvas shopper from Fossil. But I have no idea if it'd be big enough.

Also also also, I don't want to give in to mommyfrump. Ya know? I work with 19 year old girls as a job and a calling! I'm already not a put-together-kinda-gal, so I at least want the thing I'll have on my arm probably almost constantly for years to not look frumpy, matronly, and old. Is it so bad to want to give the appearance of being a cool mom?

ALLLLLLLLL of that to say, any great finds on diaper bags? If it's more expensive, do you think it might last through, oh, say four kids?


  1. I should probably also mention I have NO idea if I could successfully sew my own, either... So many instructions and zippers and velcro and whistles and flappies! Eek!

  2. Ah yes, the diaper bag dilemma. I sewed myself a diaper bag (see here) and I have only used it when traveling. Too big. Even with cloth diapering.

    To be honest, in the beginning, I just used a LL Bean tote bag and that did me just fine. Since I was breast feeding, I didn't need bottles or anything, just a couple dipes, wet bag, wipes, nursing cover, sling, change of clothes for baby and burp rags. It sounds like a lot but it really didn't take up much space.

    And don't be afraid of zippers. If I sewed myself another diaper bag, I would probably do this one or one like it. If you are too afraid of zippers, this one could be a great option, just leave out the zipper on the pocket.

    As far as mass produced unfrumpy diaper bags, I know that Petunia Pickle Bottom is all the rage. Tacky name, but the bags are stylish, high quality and would last through multiple kiddos. Maybe craiglist or check secondhand stores for those? I just found one for $25 in Round Rock so that could be a great affordable option.

    And for what it's worth, I just use an oversized purse that I already have for Jude now. I have a diaper clutch that I put two prefolds in, several wipes and put that in the wetbag. When I leave him in nursery at church, I just give them the wetbag.

  3. Muriel Brannon11/13/10, 3:27 PM

    Have you tried looking on Etsy? It would probably be semi expensive, but I bet you could find a really cool one that has what you need as far as cloth diapers go.

  4. You may even want to wait until after the baby gets here so you can see how much space you really need, etc. They almost always give you a plain black one at the hospital that has a nice changing pad thingy, etc. That's the one I've used for Zach (by baby #4 it was the easiest thing to do). I have 3 or 4 here at the house that you'd be welcome to have if you want a "temporary" one or just want to look at sizes, etc. and play around with what stuff you need in it.

  5. I have a couple of diaper bags I got as gifts. I didn't even register for one actually. One is made of recycled materials [which I think is awesome and the person that gave it to me knew how big I am on recycling] and the other is a diaper bag that looks like a messenger bag with a LOST symbol on it [way cool, have gotten several comments] and it's perfect for a guy too. It's amazing what you can find out there and in the long run spending some money on it isn't bad if it's quality made [and I am super cheap!] because it's something that is used quite a bit if you are out and about alot. And I say all of this being a woman who hardly ever pays full price for something!

    One thing I have noticed is that if you stick to just the essentials, most days things will fit, including the wet bag filled with dirty cloth!

  6. I am not super girly either, I am cheap [I rarely pay full price for something], I like to just pack the essentials and I am a cloth diaper mama! :o) With that being said, I didn't register for a diaper bag b/c I didn't know what I wanted and ended up getting 2 as gifts, which I like a lot.

    One is made from recycled materials which was perfect for me b/c I am big time into conservation/recycling. The other is a messenger diaper bag that has a LOST symbol on it [LOVED the show] which is perfect for my Stephen to use as well. We have gotten a few comments on the "coolness" of it! :o)

  7. Definitely a cross-body if you're always wearing a backpack.