25 April 2011


He's been in cloth diapers since he hit 2 weeks. I think I may start our next baby "right away" (depending on Ezra's potty training prowess), assuming he or she is as big as Ezra and we don't get big boxes of newborn diapers. I have lots of prefolds and 6 or so Thirsties duo covers, and 6 Flip diapers with I think 14 inserts. I have one GroVia cover with three inserts, but I don't like it right now - he keeps leaking out the sides, so I guess his thighs aren't big enough yet.

Honestly, I like the prefolds and the covers best. I read some complaints about the inserts in the Flip sliding around, so I sewed snaps in the back of the covers and on the bottom of the inserts. But he still usually gets poopy on the cover. Though, to be fair, he often gets poop on the other covers too. Perhaps he's a forceful pooper. But the prefolds are slimmer (for a while, at least), and I'm having some problems with the Flips leaking at the thigh seam, and, let me tell you, seeing poopywater on your pillow after you nurse is upsetting.
Or it is to me.

I've already had to bleach his cloth cause I couldn't get the smell completely out. It may be because I only have to wash them every three, sometimes four days. Or it could be because I don't spray off the poop. It all depends on when we run out of covers. I'd love to hang dry them every so often, but we don't have a fence, and people literally traverse our yard to get to the street behind us. And I'm sure noone would steal diapers, but we can't afford to replace all our diapers. So for now, the dryer will have to do.

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  1. We love our prefolds! Funk Rock by Rockin Green is great for the stink! Keep on trucking with the dipes - it gets easier!