21 April 2011

Ezra Updates: one of... several.

Now that our Little Bit's six weeks old (!), I'll give a little update.

He's generally a pretty happy little guy - only one unstoppable crying spell so far. He has days where he nurses every hour, and days where I can't put him down. His needs feel kind of constant, but his needs are so simple right now, you know? Fed, rested, changed, held. Every bit of crying (besides that one night) has been taken care of by one of those four things.

The hair he was born with is brownish-reddish-I-don't-know, but most of that is gone. Apparently it is normal for a baby to look like a tiny friar. I think it ages him by about 50 years or so. Still, some downy white/blonde hairs are starting to sprout where he first started going bald, so I don't think he'll be a grampa baby much longer.

We still can't tell whose eyes, ears, nose, and lips he got. It seems like he may have a mix of both sides in each feature. Oh, and I suppose his eyebrows, but those are juuuust coming in. He has one faint dimple. I don't know if it will get more pronounced or go away - anyone know how dimples work?

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  1. I don't know how dimples work but I know I love you and your baby.