26 April 2011

More Cloth

Stephen's a great diaper changer and totally on board with cloth (I think seeing us go through those two big boxes of diapers in two weeks kind of shocked him). I'm glad to now I'm at least not very much contributing to our landfills (I have disposables for if we're going to be gone from the house all day, or if I forget to pack the diaper bag). And I'm glad I'm saving us money, especially if we want 4 kids. And he got bad diaper rash almost immediately after he was born, and since we've been using cloth and cloth wipes, he hasn't had any problems with it. So I'm glad our Little Bit's benefitting from cloth as well.

I do occasionally swipe him with the GroVia magic stick when his bottom looks a little red, but he used to get so upset when we'd change him, and now he's bright-eyed and happy. So happy, in fact, that sometimes I strap him onto the table and go change over the laundry or do some other task that requires two hands. For some reason, he's okay on the changing table when he's not okay being put down on other surfaces (maybe it's the nakedness). I think I'll continue to purchase prefolds the next size up while he's in diapers - they last forever, you know? But I don't know how it works at night when he's older, with doublers and such.

Sometimes it does feel like I'm doing at least a load of laundry a day (not true), but I don't think it's much harder than disposables; I'd still have to buy them and store them and refill them and dispose of them.

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