24 April 2011

Oh, Being a Mom...

I know he's cute, but I think we think he's much cuter than he must really be, because I can never capture the fullness of his cuteness on camera. Honestly though, that doesn't really matter. He's enchanting to me and to Stephen. The most enchanting, wonderful little tyrant ever. When he's happy, the whole world is a good and wonderful place. When he's unhappy, the whole house is unhappy. It's hardest when he decides he's famished when I'm out somewhere, and I can leave immediately but I still have to drive that awful, wailing drive home. I guess that's where I most feel my new mommy nerves.

Well, that and making the college students wash their hands before they hold him. It's a little uptight, but honestly. College students come into contact with A LOT of germs. And they often come to homegroup or church kind of sick, or contagious and not yet knowing it. And how often did you wash your hands when you were a college student? [How often do you wash them now, eh? Think about poor, immunocompromised babies before you sneeze and touch a doorknob.]

I try not to dwell on these things. So far he's only had a temperature once, and, apart from nursing the whole night (I exaggerate; I got 15-20 minutes in between. From 6pm to 1am. Just saying, a lot of nursing, and consequently, many diaper changes), he was in good spirits and didn't look sick.


  1. I wish I had a penny for everytime I washed my hands these days (between diaper changing & all the cooking I do now)... I would be RICH!

  2. He's as cute as you think he is... from a non-biased, third-party perspective.

  3. You aren't uptight; to me you are being wise, esp with a new baby. We wash our hands a lot around here with Stephen being a teacher and me who gets sick easily. I even carry hand sanitizer in my car and we use it everytime we have gone to the store [now to some that is uptight!]. But seriously...I look around and observe what some people do before they touch stuff at stores, etc. [esp kids] and then I don't feel super cautious cause it's nasty!