28 April 2011

The Only Kind of Shopping I Do Now

Groceries and cooking (and going anywhere) are a lot more complicated now. Some days I'm only missing one ingredient to make dinner, but I just can't get to the store before it's time to have dinner ready.

So, I'm working on meal planning (with which I've previously done a terrible job). So far, my idea is to make a spreadsheet, with meals we both like and the ingredients it takes to make them. Then I can decide what we'll have for maybe two weeks (that's probably only five meals for us) and voila! I have a ready-made shopping list.

Of course, I have NO idea if this will actually work for us. I just get really irritated that I consistently forget something at the store because Ezra decides he's hungry right then, and I get all frazzled trying to hurry out of the store.

What do you do for meal planning?

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