26 May 2011

So, Mommas

How quickly did you start to get paranoid that you were pregnant again?

How quickly were you pregnant again?


  1. Hahahahaha!

    Oh goodness. There will be no getting pregnant around here any time soon. Believe you me, Jason doesn't get anywhere near me without wearing the appropriate attire these days! No way! No more babies any time soon! Maybe ever! Still working through that one.

  2. Lucy turns 1 tomorrow. I still haven't started my period again - but I've probably thought I was pregnant 3+ times :-) At first it was, "oh no, what if I'm pregnant?", now it is "oh, I wish I was pregnant." In both cases, I try to remind myself that God knows what our family needs.

  3. I've taken four pregancy tests, haha. Starting maybe two months in? But I'm sure it could happen!

  4. Little M was 9 months old when I got pregnant again. Even though it has been SUPER hard [for me] adding the 2nd baby and moreso having them so close in age, I am convinced it will be well worth it down the road, as I have heard other moms say! I met a mom recently who got pregnant when her baby was 2 months old [imagine having babies 11 months apart]!