09 November 2011

How Many?

I know it's heavy, and I don't want to be too serious (look, I have some broken places. If'n you haven't noticed...), but for real. When I think about my children being the exact same as these children, it gets real.

Let's rise up.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It IS hard to watch and it IS real when we think that the children are the same as our own. I've looked them in the eyes myself and it breaks my heart. The world needs to see these dear ones and try to change their world one person at a time. The statistics make it look like a daunting task but if we work on rescuing one slave at a time it CAN be done. Thank you for sharing this and helping to make others aware. They need a lot of love and a lot of prayer. We can do that first by telling others to pray and join the fight! Thank you so much for sharing.