26 January 2012

Mini Garden Time!

I just planted some seeds for a teensie garden. I've been wanting to do a real garden, but the start-up costs seem prohibitive. I know it's not really all that much, but I'm not positive I'll stick with it, and we're running a very tight ship around here to save for bringing home a very important person. So $15 is plenty to spend for now!
I just put cilantro, lettuce (green leaf - Stephen's fav), chives, broccoli, and rosemary to germinate. I picked those because we eat them all the time and I could feasibly plant them now. Hopefully we'll at least get some herbs to use and recoup what we spent, maybe?

I've got them indoors in a cheapy little plastic greenhouse seed-germinating-peat-pallet-thing (I'm sure the actual name for it is much shorter). If any of them sprout, I'll take pictures. The packets promise they will, but I'm skeptical. I started to take a picture of it now, but it would essentially be a picture of dirt. So... yeah.

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