11 January 2012

New Etsy Store and GIVEAWAY!

So I've launched the Etsy store to sell items I've made to help raise funds for our adoption. YAY!
So to celebrate, I'm giving away one of my Happy Happy Pink scarves:
Please only look at the scarf.

and a Tough Girl ParaCord bracelet in teal!
No, you don't have to look at a close-up of my wrist.

There are a few ways to enter:
1. Go to my Etsy and tell me which bracelet (or scarf) you like best. I know, it's pretty egomaniacal. Teehee (or would it be muahaha?).
2. Give at least $5 to our ChipIn and leave a comment telling me you did so.
3. Like my Facebook page and leave a comment telling me you did so.
4. Leave a comment telling me your favorite color (because I love Elf and Christmas wasn't so very long ago).

Ta-da! The giveaway will be open until Sunday, January 15th!

Oh, and College Station friends, you don't have to pay shipping! Just let me know you want something made and I'll make it for you!


  1. I liked your Facebook page. Also I like you. Also I like the color sky blue.

  2. My favorite color is a hard question now that I'm older. It depends on the item, but I guess if I was picking based on a flat square of color, I'd go with candy apple red this week.

  3. I like the bracelet that you are giving away the best! That teal is one of my favorite colors. :)

  4. My favorite color is definitely aqua! Sometime it's known as "Tiffany Blue," but I like to call it aqua.

  5. My favorite color is green.

    Yay for Baby A!

  6. I love peacock blues and all their variations (aqua, teal, blue-green, etc). So of course I love your teal tough girl bracelet.

  7. My favorite color is PURPLE! I think all of your stuff is purrrty

  8. Precisely what a wonderful idea... My spouse and i want to follow your bags write-ups.