11 January 2012

Newborn Pics

Just a thought: wives, do your husbands not get newborn pics? I always show Stephen cute cute newborn pics when I run across them, and he always says something like, "huh." When I've been cooing and squealing over, let's face it, 6-8 pounds of pure, squishy, sleepy cuteness.

I know it's true that babies get cuter as they get a little older (which is what he invariably says when I invariably tell him he's no fun), but look at these babies! I mean, come on!


  1. My husband doesn't get them either :) I just make him promise that he will get excited over our own someday!

  2. I have no husband, so I can't answer your question.

    However.... I not only looked at every link you posted, but I also (I know you'll appreciate my "not only... but also... structure there... yea Mrs. Sanders!!!) let out a loud (like something must have jumped off of my computer and grabbed my face loud) scream when I saw the baby wearing glass. A baby!! In glasses!! Nerd glass!! With books!!! AAAAAAAaaaaAAAAhh! And then I giggled.

    I guess I get newborn pictures.