06 January 2012

Ten Months and a New Year

A serious new year's post is a-brewing... For now I'll just say I enjoyed New Year's Eve by getting my husband back from a conference and kissing goodnight right at 12:01. :)

Look at our big boy!

I think he's really starting to look like a little (little) boy! He feels so big when I carry him around, but when I look at him walking, he's such a tiny tyke! Now that he's up all the time and moving around (and now that his six teeth are really showing), sometimes it's hard to remember that he's not a little older than he is. I do worry a little since he hasn't gained any weight in two months, but he looks pretty healthy.

He has such a lovely, sunny disposition. He's quite the charmer, flirting with anyone at all (as long as he isn't too tired and they don't get in his face too quickly). He's very busy, and sometimes we have some trouble making him hold our hands when he's walking on new surfaces. He wants to do it himself, but he ends up with knots and bruises on his head (which you may be able to see above).

Stay tuned for an exciting Etsy-store-grand-opening giveaway!

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