30 March 2012

Homestudy Pt. 3

The HOME VISIT! [dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnn]

Fer serious, I was a mess about this. For those of you who only keep your house clean enough for college students, you know how intimidating it might feel to have a stranger coming into your house with the intention of ascertaining whether you're fit to raise an adopted child. What actually freaked me out is knowing that she probably often goes into homes with no children yet. And, lemme tell you, it is HARD to keep a house immaculate with a curious one-year old.

So we turned in our mountain of paperwork, and our social worker set our home visit for a week and a half later. Needless to say, it was a little bit of a stressful time in the Mnch household. On top of all the cleaning, we were trying to get our adoption education completed as well (which is still not complete; our education meeting is Monday, okay?!?).

Another thing you need to focus on is having your house pass the Fire & Environmental Safety Checklist. I don't know if some agencies require you to have it done by the local fire department, but ours did it for us, since College Station charges $30 (laaame).

Honestly, I didn't focus very much going into it on the actual questions she might ask us, which was of course the bulk of the time. I guess I tend to be a forthcoming person, and I can't change what is by thinking more about it or wishing it was different or something. But it was hard, after she left, to keep reminding myself that it's not an unspoken set of buzzwords you need to say in order to "pass" or something. And our social worker tried very hard to make us feel like it wasn't a test and that she wasn't here trying to find reasons to keep us from adopting.

I mostly believe that.

As far as the aftershocks, we're just exhausted. As soon as we finish the education part, I don't think we'll do anything adoption-related until May. I've had a little sinus infection I just cannot get over simply because I do not have the health unction (unction, anyone?) to get over it. Since Monday I have felt the way you feel (or at least the way I felt) after pulling an all-nighter: kinda queasy, a little loopy, super groggy, just bad. Anyway, you can be praying that our household will recover swiftly. I know this stuff comes in bursts; I just had no idea what a physical toll it has taken.

Oh, what's that you say? How did it go? Oh, I don't know. I think it went well. I mean, I don't know. Never having had one or seeing anyone else have one or even watching one happen in a movie - it's hard to know how it's supposed to go. Maybe ask me again after a few more nights' sleep. In the meantime, feel freee to pray for Ezra to miraculously become an awesome sleeper and for supernatural amounts of healing and restoration. Thanks!

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