02 April 2012

Homestudy Pt. 3 - P.S.

I sent my poor, well-intentioned husband to the lions on Friday. And by the lions, I mean the doctor.

The doctor's visit that you have to go to for your paperwork is... well it's daunting to me, which is why I was still putting it off after everything else was done, and only scheduled it basically because I knew our social worker would ask if it was scheduled.

Well, I knew Stephen needed for the appointment to be either on a Friday or a Monday, since he's full-o-meetings every other day. And so he got scheduled on Friday, whereas my and Ezra's appointments are today (Monday).

I know now that this was very foolish, indeed.

It sounded like the receptionist/appointment-maker was familiar with what would need to take place during an international adoption visit (i.e. the doc needs to fill out one form, and print out and sign another form in the presence of the notary they have in-office). But I don't think she did. Oops.

So Stephen's appointment was at 9:50. He gets there with his lil papers I gave him: one for the doc to fill out and sign for our homestudy agency, and an example of the letter he needed to print on his letterhead and have notarized for our dossier. For some reason, it was stressed in our paperwork that the dates need to be the same in our homestudy and dossier as far as the doctors visits go.

I don't know how it was unclear (my inclination is to say the doctor wasn't listening, but I know I don't really have a great opinion of most male doctors), but the doctor completed Stephen's physical, took the papers, and left the room. Stephen assumed he was going to fill them out, when he just went to see the next patient. So Stephen gets the first round of his travel shots (exciting! ow!), and I'm assuming the nurse tries to escort him out. Well, he lets her know that he needs those papers - you know, the entire reason he had an appointment at all...

No joke y'all, my husband rolls into our driveway at 11:30, still without those dang papers. I was a little bit freaking out, because what if Dr. Imperious just can't get to those papers until after the notary leaves for the day? Then Stephen would have to come in all over again (and plunk down another $25) because PEOPLE JUST WON'T LISTEN AND AUUUUGH! JUST BE COMPETENT! IS THAT SO MUCH?!?

Anyway, it turned out okay. We were already out of town for the Blassingame wedding by the time they were done, but they just put them in my file, so I can get them at my appointment.
And now I know.
If I want to keep my husband from needlessly being at the doctor's office for an hour and a half, I need to go in first. And you can be certain that I'm leaving my appointment with our papers. [endrant]

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