18 May 2012

Finances (and faith)

Y'all, I am shaking in my boots (well, figuratively. I'd never wear boots in Texas in May. I don't want stinky feet). All about money.
Because we already have our homestudy completed, our adoption process will be sped up a bit. Which means more adoption expenses quickly. And, since we lost $1,500 when we decided to no longer adopt from Uganda, we don't have $2,600 of the fees we need just to get our feet in the door with the agency (their fees are actually really nice; they just require a good bit up front). And we'll need another $1,400 within the month after that. 

It's funny that we lost that $1,500 because that's about what we had put into the adoption ourselves - the $1,900 we've spent on the homestudy fees and education was fundraised. Which makes me wonder, "Lord? Are You gonna have us raise all of the funds for this adoption?" Which I'm fine with, even though it's a little too humbling for my comfort.

Y'all (I'm sounding southern because I'm tired), I know God can raise this. I just don't know how He's gonna do it. So. I'd really, really, really love your prayers being lifted up on our behalf. I know God's heart is 100% for adoption. I know what a blessing it is to be adopted (hey, there's only one biological Son of God!). I know what a blessing having a child is. I know He has all the riches of the universe at His disposal. I just am having a hard time seeing how this is going to happen, and so quickly.

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  1. Not to go get all preachy-- because I want you to know how I'm empathizing with your struggle for real.

    However a story came to my mind in Luke 7.. just about fishing and catching, and obedience without understanding, and how God's provision is so *abundant*. I know you and Steven *are* faithful to obey, so I just want to encourage you in the Lord's abundance for you both, and as a family!

    The Lord is faithful to provide!(even though I don't really like online praying)

    I pray that the Lord gives you eyes to see *how* to cast your nets, and I pray for an *abundant*, overflowing, flopping, boat-sinking catch of provision in adoption funding; and an equally amazing catch of love, in your hearts for your new child, for each other, Ezra and the Lord.

    This story will be a testimony Michelle ! I know you know that, I'm just getting really excited for you!