07 June 2012

Finances and Faith, Pt. 2

I think this may be a relatively frequent topic around here. I know all of you know now that international adoption is (as we say in our house) not just spensive, but expensive. I mean, the good thing is that it's not all due at once, but the bad thing is that more than we can possibly save from our income is due over and over again. Lemme lay out the next couple of waves:

Due with our formal application to our adoption agency: $3,135
Due <30 days after our formal application: $1,400
Due as soon as we finish our dossier: $4,175

Now, if I'm diligent, we could finish our dossier in a matter of a few weeks after that first fee - even at the same time as that second fee. But we can't submit our dossier until we have that 4k. And we still have $1205 left to raise on our formal application fees.

Every time I look at these numbers, they seem to grow into these insurmountable obstacles. In some part of me, I know they aren't, but that part is not very big, nor is it easily accessible. I just need so much more faith than I have - faith in God's desire and ability to provide for our family.

Would you join me in praying that the Lord would bring the $6,780 we have left to raise, and soon? We so dearly want to bring home our child. Thanks!

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