18 June 2012

Serious Sunday: Love

I have a confession: Ezra's going through a phase of development that's not my favorite. He no longer entertains himself nearly as much as before (srsly, I had it so easy). He gets frustrated when I want him to sign, "please," and I can't tell if he's forgotten momentarily or if he just doesn't want to.

Is 15 months early to start throwing tantrums? Because he does. Not throwing himself on the ground, but spinning in circles, yelling, and kicking and flapping his arms. He seems to be kind of an anger-leaning kid: he doesn't cry, like, ever. He yells. Kind of a lot.

My suspicion is that I have an emotional boy on my hands. He's rarely not emoting something; it's usually happiness. But this losing it when he doesn't get what he wants when he wants... How do you moms put up with it?

I love E's personality; he really is great - he waves at strangers, gives high fives, likes to read books, is so curious and active and communicative. But it can be really hard to not get so tired of the fussing and grabbing and complaining and falling apart. I lose my patience all the time.

How do you keep the boundaries that are necessary and still let your child know how much you love and enjoy him? And how do you keep enjoying him when so much of your interaction is negative? Because I desperately do NOT want our children growing up with the sense that I think they're bad or that I wish they were someone else. Surtout my little Pez, my wild goat of a toddler!

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  1. I only have one kid's worth of experince but Lucy was an early tantrumer too so I think it's totally normal. And several more seasoned moms I know have said that the "terrible twos" for them were really more the 1-2 yr span or the 3-4 yr span so I tried to think of it as a positive thing since a screaming, hitting 15 mon old is easier to pick up and move if needed than a screaming hitting 3 year old. Plus it is an obvious sign of brilliance that they are so advanced right? :-)

    And I do think it's true. Lucy has calmed down a lot since 21 months or so. She still has her fair share of "I'm tired/stressed/don't know how to handle my emotions" tantrums but she is pretty obedient and doesn't have very many of the "I'm going to scream until I get what I want tantrums."

    I'm actually putting together a post about some of the tantrum advice/info we got that has/is helping us. I'll try to get it up soon.