22 July 2012

Home Study - Complete!

So our homestudy is finished and I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

It certainly does NOT normally take this long. The laaaast bit our homestudy agency was waiting on was to confer with our adoption agency on what our specific country might need in its report. Since we left our original program (and roamed all over the earth, essentially), they had to wait until we signed up with our new program and new country.

Since our "new" program is Uganda and our new agency IS our homestudy agency, things moved quickly. They got it signed, notarized, and sent the two copies to us. Some states don't let you have copies of your homestudy, and some don't even let the social worker tell you any parts of the home study, but Texas lets the agency send us copies. That way we can make copies for when we send in grant applications. Yay!

Next I'll share about our Orientation (which, normally, would have been before our homestudy, but wasn't for us), and then I'll share about the I-600A. Are we all excited?!? I'm sure we are.

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