13 July 2012

New Etsy Funzies and a Legit Giveaway

*This giveaway is now closed.*

Okay, so I've been crafting all week, specifically making lots of fun earrings. Earrings are like the only jewelry I enjoy wearing (which makes me so sad now that I can't wear them if I want to keep my earlobes safe from curious hands). I stayed up way too late last night uploading the best pictures-I-got-while-being-hugged-at-the-knees-by-a-toddler to my Etsy. I have more I'll be making over the weekend, and I'll try to have those up asap.

Here are a few of my favs:
Suspicious Snake

I'm Nacred


Color me Bad

By far my favorite thing to do is name them (since I can't wear them and sell them). If you've watched the same movies as I have or listen to the same music*, you may recognize some phrases (but it's okay if you don't watch animated movies in our spare, grown-up time). I amuse myself, but don't expect to be amused since I never ever win at Apples to Apples. The important thing in life is to think you're funny, right? [*I do NOT listen to Color Me Badd.]

Okay, here are the ways to enter to win a pair of earrings of your choice:

1) Peruse the shop and tell me in a comment which are your favorite.
2) Follow my Etsy group on Facebook and leave me a comment saying you did or you already do.
3) Give to our Adoption ChipIn and leave a comment that you did (This is the only one where I may leave a comment in your stead if you forget.)
4) Buy a piece of jewelry on Etsy and leave a comment that you did.
4) Link to this giveaway on your blog or Facebook and leave a comment that you did.

For real this time, if you don't leave a comment, you can't win! I'll get a screenshot of the winning comment number from random.org on Sunday the 26th in the afternoon, so make sure you have your comments in by then.

Thanks for your support in helping us bring home our next child!


  1. Following your Etsy group on FB!

    (sorry if this comment shows up twice, I had trouble logging in to my WordPress account)

  2. Linked to your giveaway on my FB!

  3. I loved the "Color Me Bad" til I saw "I'm Nacred." LOVE.

    I've got to get out my beads to play :)

  4. My favies are the I'm nacred & Circle Circle Dot Dot. Oh, and GeoDangles. Hmmm, I like a lot of them!

    Plus, I liked the FB page! :)

  5. I liked your fb Etsy page :)

    -Elizabeth Dycus

  6. I love I'm nacred, so pretty!

  7. oh, forgot to say 'Color me Bad' were my favorite earrings :)