12 July 2012


Yes, we are back where we've belonged this whole time. We've been accepted into the Uganda program with our homestudy agency. You may remember that we were with a different agency prior to the new requirements changing. There are no hard feelings on our side; we just wanted to stick with an agency we had a real relationship with and who were close to home (as in, Waco, not the East Coast). The other agency was going through some transitions, and we feel more comfortable working with an agency who we've had personal experience with being prompt, friendly, and helpful.

We will have our orientation on Monday, and then our homestudy will be finished and we'll send off our I-600A. The I-600A is the 3-page, $890 document you submit to the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) that results in receiving your I-171H. That's basically a document that says the US Government approves of you adopting a orphan. Once we get that, our dossier can be submitted to Uganda, and we'll start the wait to be matched!

This week has been a bit of a flurry of activity for me (FINALLY I CAN GET SOME THINGS DONE!), but I'll post more on that tomorrow. :D

For those of you who remember that we were totally freaked out by the crazy requirements: yes, one of the two judges who grant guardianship does still require all of those things. Yes, I am fervently praying we don't get that judge. But our agency does take mission trips to Uganda, and what could be a better way to visit than to go back, not as a tourist, but as a helper, to play with the kids at the same orphanage our child may be in right now?

God is good.

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