25 August 2012

Dear Students

It's that time of year again, and I just wanted to have a little chat. Well, what I mean is, we need to talk.

I love you. For serious, I do. We live here just to reach out to and interact with you. I enjoy getting to be around you and am really excited for this school year.

But, when you get on the road, please stop trying to kill me and my child. I know you don't know where you're going, and I totally remember believing subconsciously that I was invincible and could never die as a result of my own recklessness. I get it. But still, I have to tote my child around with me, and trust me, you will not like me when I'm angry. And if you hit me because you're crossing three lanes of traffic in the middle of an intersection, or decide to go straight even though you're in a turn lane, or just aren't paying attention to those pesky traffic lights bc lol ur txting, well, I will get angry. I will call your parents. I will tell them what you were doing and that you don't have a shirt or shoes on right now (but that you are wearing your swim trunks).

So please, for the love of your fellow College Stationites, and your poor parents, just STOP IT.

Love and huncalfroyo,

[these scenarios are all what I've seen in the past week; thank God we haven't had a crash yet! Praying we'll stay safe during these particularly rowdy times.]


  1. AMEN! I've seen about three near-wrecks in the past week!

  2. ahahahahahahaha "bc lol ur txting" that's hilarious.

    And, I completely agree with you.