11 September 2012

An Embarrassing Admission

So, you know how I said we were fully funded for this next fee? Well, that's no longer accurate.

There are a number of things that are totally legitimate - we overnighted our immigration paperwork twice (well, I'm not sure forgetting to sign it is legitimate, but still) so that it would be received before the weekend. Then we had gas for getting to Houston and back for our fingerprinting. Then we've written a couple of small checks to the grant programs that require it (usually $10 or $20). I may have also gotten our FBI clearances which are $11 or $12 each (honestly, so much gathering, I'm not really sure when I got what).

None of that is really embarrassing. The embarrassing bit is that I used some of the funds we'd received from previous jewelry orders to buy more things to make more jewelry. But none of that has sold yet. I'm definitely not going to buy any more! I really wish I hadn't done that, even though I thought it could turn out really well (because people make positive comments), but it just hasn't really. My bad... :/ I've thought about having a trunk show, but I'm not sure that's really my community's thing...

All in all we need about $100 more. Well, I think we do. The grant agency doesn't tell us every time we get a gift (remember that gift we received in May that they didn't tell us about until a couple of weeks ago? I do.), so we could be covered.

As I was telling Stephen, he (indirectly) challenged me to tell you anyway, because I've kind of been hiding it out of shame for making that bad decision. Our 171 can come back any day now (it's been 4 weeks since we were fingerprinted), so we could really use the funds. If you feel led to give, here's a good way (and it's tax deductible). If you don't, that's okay too! I know God will pull through for our child, in spite of me.

I hope to have exciting news this week - we could totally have our 171 back! Here's praying for a speedy government process - that can happen, right? ;)

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