28 September 2012

Fundraising Friday

Well I don't know if this counts as "fundraising" because we didn't raise it. It was plopped in our laps.

I was contacted on Monday by a total stranger (not like, we've met or have a mutual friend; I mean total) who found us pretty randomly. A check from her came in the mail today for our adoption. IT'S FOR $2,000.00!

I know, I was running around telling everyone too. I just can't believe how good God's system is - that he blesses us immensely and uses his people to do it. You get a twofer - fellowship with the one God and fellowship with your brother/sister. Loved by Father and loved by neighbor. It's just crazy.

So we've sent off the next fee. The last fee until we accept the referral of our child! Crazy, right?!? There aren't too many expenses until then: I need to order a new diploma ($50) unless by some miracle I find it. I don't understand how I can lose something like that - it's not like I move it or use it ever, and this is only the second place we've lived since I got it. Harumph. Another is to get Ezra's passport, and to finish our immunizations. That should round out at about $500 (the yellow fever vaccine alone will cost $280 for the 3 of us). By the grace of God, we currently have almost $2,200 in our adoption account!

I'll definitely update when we get put on the waiting list - hopefully on Monday!

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