27 September 2012


I just knew it would come when we left town. The whole "watched pot" thing. Here is the best part of our beautiful, expensive piece of paper, in all its glory:

That filing date is based on the time we filed it with our signatures. It was originally sent in on July 20th. I'm sad my little slip of the mind cost us two weeks, but I suppose that's up to the Lord. Use it for your glory, I mean, if anyone can eke some glory out of such a silly thing, it's you, God!

Look, it's what we get. Now our His Kids, Too! grant is closed. Or will be at some point today... All in all, We raised $2,232* with them. It also means that, in the past few weeks, people have given $172* to our adoption with His Kids, Too! THANK YOU!
*I'm kind of extrapolating from the amount of the check they're mailing to our agency. It could be slightly more than that, since they have to remove the credit card/paypal fees from the amount given.*

I have some crazy exciting news to also tell you, but I'm waiting on permission. Stay tuned (for now, just enjoy the grainy screen capture of that piece of paper up there. I love you, piece of paper)!

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