25 October 2012

Fundraising Friday

Hey all!

Sorry about neglecting the blog for a lil bit. We have our Spiritual Challenge Weekend (our campus fall retreat) this weekend, so we've been preparing for that. Our elders have also allowed us to hold a bake sale benefiting our adoption while we're there. Feel free to pray that we sell everything I've made because HOLY COW I MADE SO MUCH.

Here's a list!
-oreo truffles
-E.L.Fudge truffles
-cookie dough truffles (don't worry; they're eggless)
-fudge brownies
-marble brownies
-turtle brownies
-lemon bar cake
-lime bars
-chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing
-spice cupcakes with buttercream icing
-gluten-free/dairy-free lemon bars
-gluten-free/dairy-free/eggless chocolate chip banana "bars" (cake-like)

I was going to try and toast my own pumpkin seeds (yum, right?!?) but I ran out of time.

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