05 November 2012

Fundraising... oh whatever. Fundraising Update!


Let's see. We did a bake sale a SCW which raised a little over $250! YAY!

My awesome, hard-workin mother-in-law Tammy catered a wedding and gave us $500! YAYYAY!

That gives us $3,000 in our adoption account. :D That's a good chunk of money!

I feel like I should share more, but we're in the middle of making a decision this week that may affect our adoption process. We're totally still adopting, but it may be sooner than we thought. Any prayers you want to send for clarity in decision-making on our behalf would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, I'm working on the last two grants we can apply for before we receive our referral (at which point we can apply for one more). Please be praying we receive a grant (or two!) because it would make the fundraising process much less arduous (as far as essentially working on top of our jobs in order to raise funds).

Thanks all!

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  1. Hi there! If you're still adopting from Uganda with Nightlight/AHH, we have a great group of families on Facebook that you're welcome to join. Shoot me an e-mail.