23 November 2012

PB & C Pie

So I thought I should share with you a lil recipe I "cooked" up over Thanksgiving. I've always been a sucker for peanut butter and chocolate together, and I've never wanted to actually, you know, expend more energy than necessary in making something. The great thing about this recipe is that it makes two 8" pies - one for your guests and one for you. :)
And remember, I don't do food pictures, so imagine something rich and delightful in your mind.

* either 2 store-bought graham cracker crusts, or 2 8" tins with a graham cracker crust recipe you got from somewhere else
For the peanut butter layer:
* 1 full cup peanut butter (I like the kind that you grind yourself. It really tastes like peanuts and isn't too creamy or too crunchy.
* 8oz cream cheese
For the chocolate layer:
* 12 oz semisweet chocolate chips
* 1.5 C heavy whipping cream
* 1/4-1/3 C sugar (depending on how sweet you like your stuff. 1/3C will be quite sweet.)

* I usually nuke me cream cheese on a lower power to get it softer. Don't actually make it hot: the goal is roomish temp.
* Mix peanut butter and cream cheese until homogeneous. Yes, you were going to use that word after high school biology. Divide and spread in pie tins. Don't freak out if your mixture isn't sweet. In fact, be worried if it is.
* Melt chocolate chips with half the cream (make sure when melting that the heat is low and you stir often. Burnt chocolate is not enjoyable to any of your senses. Some people successfully melt chocolate in the microwave but I'm terrified of my chocolate losing its temper. See what I did there?)
* While your chocolate is melting, beat the other half of the cream until you think you'd probably call it whipped. There's leeway in this recipe for an actually whipped cream or a kind of whipped cream. E was already asleep when I made this, so it was whisked instead of whipped. Still yummy.
* When the chocolate is mostly melted, turn off heat and add sugar. Stir until homogeneous.
* Add chocolate mixture to whipped cream and beat until homogeneous again.
* Divide and add to pie tins on top of peanut butter.

IMPORTANT: The chocolate needs to set, so you need to make this pie the night before. Seriously though, it takes like 12 minutes.
IMPORTANT: I don't like Cool Whip. I think it's really weird and yucky to my mouth. But you can use it at your own risk.

P.S. I ruined the predecessor of this pie by trying to melt chocolate and then mix it with marshmallow creme. The texture was genuinely gross [Stephen said like mud without the grit... ;/ He then was reminded that women are allowed to get offended at someone else for essentially repeating what they just said.] I was trying to make it lighter without becoming too light, but I now know that this pie is meant to be so very rich, and to be eaten in little, heavenly slivers.

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