13 March 2013

Adoption Processing

Sometimes I miss the hurryhurryhurryhurry of the first part of adoption. I miss going to check the mail, thinking that something exciting might be there. I suppose I miss tangible progress, perhaps. I'm not sure.

I am glad our adoption isn't all-consuming this semester. And it's nice to have the most disappointing thing be that I forgot stamps AGAIN. [seriously, how many times can you forget to look at the list you've just been using Michelle how many times.]

But the hardest thing is that I can't make this process go any faster at this point. Of course I have our dossier all ready to go when we need it. And I have everything we need to travel (except the rest of our immunizations and Ezra's passport) when it's time. But we're #13 on the list; time won't be now anytime soon. And I am glad to have the opportunity to keep checking in with the Lord. You know, "Is this the right path? Is there a better one?" I'd love for Him to say, "Yes! Here's the child you should go adopt right now!" And I'd so welcome that. But I wonder if God will keep us on the waiting list because it is good to wait. I've always been terrible at delaying gratification. I know this is growing me in ways I'd rather not have to.

Well, even though it doesn't bring us closer to our child any faster, here's what we have going in terms of fundraising events soon:

* up now: Stephen's songs available to stream for free and download to benefit our adoption.
* up now: our Lifesong for Orphans fundraiser is chugging along.
* April 6th: our next (perhaps last?) garage sale fundraiser! Both of our previous garage sales raised $1,000. I'm praying for $1,500 from this one!
* April 27th-ish: our fancy-dancy craft/art bazaar and silent auction. I haven't figured out what day/time/place we'll have it, but definitely that weekend. If you have something you'd like to donate, contact me! mmmraowATgmailDOTcom : D

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