08 March 2013

Fundraising Friday

What can I say? God's people are awesome. This week we had another $890 come in at Lifesong on our behalf. Some people have given extravagantly. We've had a couple give almost $1000! And a very small business donate $500! And one of my close friends gave us $250 for her birthday (I mean, I don't think it technically was for her birthday, but it was on her birthday, so I'm counting it). We've had family give, and people we barely know give. What a salve to my gifts-loving heart.

Sooooo, $10,375 - $890 = ... $9,485! We're in the thousands (not ten-thousands? the four-digits? quarter-digits? How does that work?)!!!!!

We're nailing down dates to have our next garage sale AND our big exciting craft / art bazaar this weekend. Man, April will be just as busy as the rest of the semester! It's nice, honestly, to have to fundraise, even apart from all the good things it does for my heart, just to give me something to do. My hope is so flimsy and feeble; I do struggle with having two months of being the same number on the waiting list. Stupid #13. Wanting to ask again, "Lord, is this the right path? Did we err?" Watching Ezra enjoy playing with other toddlers and waiting for a sibling for him. Holding a friend's baby and wondering if anyone is holding mine. Man. I don't like it! But I believe my heart can be guarded by the peace that passes understanding, as I present these fears and requests and hopes and disappointments and yearnings to Him. In the meantime, we'll just keep chipping away at that number up there!

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