30 May 2013


Y'all. Finally, I'm feeling hopeful again. The Lord is gracious in our sadness; He gives me time to grieve-pout, then grieve-rage, then actually grieve-mourn, then (finally) accept His comfort and hope. He's so good.

It took me long enough, but I'm finally feeling like we will adopt at some point, that we're not running on a treadmill, and that God isn't withholding our deep (and godly) desires like a bully putting stiff-arming your forehead. I know, sometimes I believe crazy things about God, but He's so gentle in guiding me back to what I know to be true about Him.

Are we for sure about our direction? No. Not at all. I really wish I could say, "THIS way is THE way!" But I cannot. I really, really wish money wasn't the only thing holding us back from moving forward tomorrow, but it is. But, finally, I believe again that God will provide in His good time.

In the meantime, I've been at work. First it was a little desperate, like I must keep swimming or I'll shark-die! But now that I've remembered that it's good to have God in control, I'm just glad there are things my hands can do to help.

Y'all know I make jewelry. Honestly, I do it for fun, because pretty! But I want to sell it to raise funds for our adoption. So Jenni Olowo of Jenni O Photo was gracious enough to lend her photographic prowess to photograph two of my friends wearing my jewelry. Then Jenni sent me ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE photos of FORTY EIGHT different pieces. It was a lot of work! But I finished YAY today I finished!

Stay tuned for a sneak peek on tomorrow's Fundraising Friday!

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