31 May 2013

New Jewelry! Fundraising Friday!

Check out my friends n my skillz, y'all:

Owlated Necklace
Nacre Moon Earrings
Whirled Peas Earrings
Skipping Stones Necklace
Triple Teal Necklace
Jet Shell Triple Necklace
Dirigible Earrings
Milky Way Necklace
Starry Night Necklace
Black Bean Earrings
Happy Wrap Bracelet
Stone Drop Earrings in Caramel

I mean, come on! For even more (like, so much more), visit Mrs Muenich MADE. There's another sneak peek up today, and everything will be up tomorrow


  1. I looove your work Michelle! And these girls are super cute sporting them :) Jenni did a great job capturing the fun!

    Love you and hope lots sells!

  2. Beautiful work, beautiful friends and beautiful photos!