11 July 2013

A Call to Prayer

Dear friends,

I am asking for your prayers on our behalf today. We have identified a child who could possibly be our daughter (whose file is being "held" for us pending her blood work). I cannot give you details except that she is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We could really use prayers for guidance, peace, and clarity of vision while we wait for her medical report. I'm trying to not get too excited and to submit this decision before the Lord. I don't know when we'll get her blood work back, but I will certainly let you all know!

Financially, it's a little unclear how much we'd need. We have a little over $8,000 right now, but we haven't received an itemized list of fees, nor the schedule at what time they're due, just a rough estimate. So it's hard to know what we need and when. But, if this little one is meant for us, God will light the way in finances as well.

Much love.

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