03 November 2013

Discipline from the Lord

This Summer I received what I would call a hint from the Lord, in the form of a book I reread. The author is a mother of four very young children, and she wrote a short bit about striking the word "overwhelmed" from her vocabulary. The idea is that you cannot be overwhelmed by your daily life; you just need to live it. Sometimes we hide behind words, or we give them more power than they ever should have.

I was inspired by the idea. I feel like our generation has caught some sort of "overwhelmed" virus and suffer from the effects almost constantly in every area of our lives. I think this should not be. So I took the hint and decided not to allow myself to be overwhelmed anymore.


Turns out I'm sneakier than I thought. This morning I received a much-needed talking-to from God about what I'd been doing instead of telling myself I was overwhelmed: complaining. Ugh! complaining about good things from the Lord... No no Michelle! That's no no.

This week will be full. There is a lot more to do than I want to. BUT. I should not be complaining about gifts from the Lord! Crazy child! I need to lean into the Lord, to hold His hand and be with Him, not busy myself while muttering over and over all the things I need to do and how I don't really want to do them.

That's all. <3


  1. No no, Michelle. That's no no.


  2. Wow, convicting thoughts. Thanks for sharing.