01 November 2013

Ramping Back Up (and Fundraising Friday)

First of all, praise God for nap time, amiright? I mean, I understand the biological reasons little ones need to nap, but I think it's also the grace of God so we don't hurt them get some productive time. There simply  aren't enough hours in the day [read: ways to distract my child] to do all the things I need to get done.

And I don't mean like keep my house well maintained, or get dinner prep going so the 5 o' clock hour won't be crazy. I mean, I'm sure someone does that. Go them. But no, my house is always a disaster (not a three-toys-on-the-floor "disaster") because I am working in campus ministry and a full-time stay-at-homer and fundraising for a seriously expensive adoption. Praise the Lord I have low homemaking standards.

Speaking of which (the adoption, not the standards), we are moving forward with our adoption of little H. The suspension of exit visas has not been lifted, but we believe that God will move in good time to let us bring her home. Truthfully, I can't not try. We have to do our best for my heart her.
We can't show her face, but trust me, she's adorable.

So. On November 9th, we're hosting a talent show at Brazos Christian School at 7:30pm. There will be singing and dancing and funny videos. There will be free kettle corn and limeade. There will also be hot chocolate for sale, as well as deeeeelicious homemade desserts. There will also also be jewelry, crafts, and art for sale, all made by friends. There is a $5 suggested donation cover charge.

I'm also in the middle of organizing a 5k run in the Spring to benefit our adoption. Whew, it is a TON of work! But mark your calendars for March 22nd - we'll be running* to bring home our daughter.

*I won't be running in the race because I'll be running THE race, and also because nothing deadly will be chasing me. Probably.

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  1. I too do not run unless being chased by a wild animal...thankfully that hasn't happened yet:) Good luck with your fundraising efforts.