05 November 2015


I love, love love having boys. At least my boys.
Especially when their father dresses them. Shirt & Shoes | Shorts

If you haven't met him, our oldest is usually a robot in public.
A very loud robot.

 But look at this gorgeous thing. How could I not love being a mom to this kid?
A viable substitute for modeling headshots. #biased

 Especially when he pulls faces. Which is all the time.
This lil body is knock-kneed perfection.
Cherishing these fall days as a mom of only two little boys (Judah was napping during this).


  1. When I was his age, I would always be a T. Rex in public. This apparently distressed sunday-school teachers because they didn't know how to react to this, but also because I was always at a loss as to how to depict both the iconic tiny arms and the tail of the T. Rex (which, to my little mind were the main differences between us), and so as a compromise, I would often curl one arm in front of me as a tiny T. Rex arm and stick the other between my legs as the closest representation I could think of to a tail. I would then walk around like this in public. Some sunday-school teachers apparently approached my parents one time, concerned about how I was constantly "holding my crotch and roaring"...